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Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, is one of Canada’s most picturesque cities and is well-known for being built along the beautiful river valley and having a strong arts and culture scene. It’s a diverse and affluent city just a little under a million people and a place many Canadian citizens are proud to live.


The economy of Edmonton features a strong focus on the oil & gas industry and the interest that major oil & gas producers have in the surrounding area’s unconventional and conventional natural resources, including the Alberta oil sands and many other sources of oil and natural gas. But despite this focus, Edmonton’s economy is actually one of the most diverse in all of Canada, and includes many other industries and commercial sectors including telecommunications, biotech, technology and many others. Edmonton is also one of the financial centers of Canada, hosting the headquarters and regional offices of some of Canada’s most prominent banks.


But there’s more to Edmonton than it’s bustling economy. Edmonton is also the Canadian city with the most parklands. That’s right, Edmonton is home to over 27,000 acres of parks, well above the number for most Canadian cities. Many of these parks blend and bleed together to form an extravagant network of lush and beautiful urban escapes referred to colloquially as the “Ribbon of Green.”


Alongside its unprecedented quantity of open spaces and its flourishing financial prospects, Edmonton is a major hub for education in Canada including some of the country’s most prominent and respected schools including Athabasca University, University of Alberta, and many others. Over 170,000 students in total are enrolled in Edmonton’s various post-secondary institutions providing a strong youth contingent to the city.


Edmonton’s real estate scene is as diverse as its economy, and there is much to check out in the Southern and Southwestern portions of the city. Indeed, these are the areas where most of the new developments in Edmonton are occurring, and whole subdivisions and communities have been recently constructed in these areas, some of them built around lakes and others accompanied by newly constructed strip malls. Some of Edmonton’s safest and most family-friendly real estate can now be found along the Ring Road to the South, including communities like Summerside, Rutherford and The Hamptons.


If you’re thinking of moving to Edmonton or simply want to know more about houses for sale in Edmonton south, then go no further. You can browse through 1000s of real estate listings right here and get acquainted with the many houses for sale in Edmonton south right here.

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